anna bacheva artist

Anna Bacheva is a Bulgarian visual artist who works in various contexts

and formats involving new media and hybridity.


She creates audiovisual narratives, multi-sensory landscapes,

and immersive experiences related to technology, design, and art.



Based in Paris, France



Photo Studio Otaika x The Science




2021 Digital Art Month Paris JUNE 2021, Hosted by CADAF x Beaux-Arts Magazine & CIE with guest curators Studio As We Are HERVISIONS & Creative Code Art


2021 IMMENSIVA International Residency for artists and creatives working with advanced technologies, supported by ESPRONCEDA Institute of Art & Culture Barcelona and IRCAM Paris 
2021 Creative residency Digital and Audiovisual arts by
Folie Numérique Paris  
supported by DRAC Île-de-France 
Le Jardin Extraordinaire - AR experience and ephemeral 3D exposition 
2021 Immersive Workshop 2021 - Biomimesis at the Vaulx-en-Velin Planetarium  
organized by
AADN - Arts et Cultures Numériques - Lyon 
Fillage – Full dome audiovisual experiment in collaboration with Sophie Griffon,

Paul Ambrosino et Bertrand de Becque 
2020 - 2021
Creative and research residency for artists who explore hybrid forms mobilizing digital media and contemporary technologies  
with the support of the Matrice Foundation and Institut de France 
Atlas Mnémosyne - a videographic image synthesis through image referencing,

time transitions, and new Spatio-temporal organizations.
Presentation at Atelier B Paris, Fondation Matrice 
2021 – ZVUK 6 by Studio Otaika  
Creative Initiatives Program by the National Culture Fund Bulgaria 
A multimedia concert about mixed perceptions and sound representation 
Live performed 28/04 at Derida Stage Sofia with The Science group

and Elitsa Alexieva 
2021 - Borderline State: Drawing in Contemporary Art – II 
Group exhibition UniArt Gallery Sofia curated by Yovo Panchev,

Bilyana Tsanova, and Ivo Ivanov 
Champs Graphites – series of works on paper exploring classic drawing media 
2020 - Chromatic Coïncidences by Studio Otaika 
An artwork that represents music into images through

audio-visual dependencies and simple matches.
Live performance at
Generate! Festival 2020 Kunstmuseum Reutlingen  
Part of the 3rd International Conference on Spatiality and Immersivity, Mexico 
2019 - 5SSENCE by Neda Ruzheva x Studio Otaika  
supported by Academie voor Theatre en Dans Amsterdam and the Nederlandse Filmacademie, VR Academy 
Research project in the interaction between motion capturing technology

and generative visual environments 
Live performance at SNDO Festival 2019 Amsterdam 
2019 -
FLUCA Austrian Cultural Pavillion, Studio Otaika live act 
2019 –
Limelight Mapping Academy for selected artists working with projection

and architectural mapping Budapest – Slemmestad 
Workshop Budapest hosted by Limelight Studio 
Final project presented at
Factory Light Festival 2019 Slemmestad Norway

during a series of immersive projections which held a place in the old cement factory 
2019 – Motifs numérique – Immersive dome projection by Studio Otaika 
Short-lengh journey to the heart of digital expression. Dome projection 
Presented at
SAT Fest 2019 Société des arts technologiques (SAT) - Montréal
and L'Ososphère - Planétarium de Strasbourg, France 
2019 - BUILD by Studio Otaika  
Architectural live mapping on the façade of the Alte Feuerwache in Weimar

Dedicated to the 100 anniversary of Bauhaus 
Part of
Genius Loci Weimar 8th International Video Mapping

and Media Architecture Festival  
2019 – The bkvAR project by Studio Otaika– supported by and part of the program

of Plovdiv Capital of European Culture 2019, Bulgaria 
Ephemeral architectural installation based on AR technology and public experience 
2019 – Aurora/City by Studio Otaika part of
Interactive AV game experience and light installation Harpa Concert Hall   
Presented during
Winter Lights Festival 2019 Reykjavik